Search Engine Optimization is often considered a ‘black art’ by many web developers.. It doesn’t have to be so mystical. Simply put, your website needs to be found. Even if your have the best products and services in the world, your customers will never find you if it means having to crawl through ten search result pages. If you’re not ranking on the first and second pages of search results, the odds are against you succeeding in the online marketplace.

Mark will run your website and corresponding pages through a tried-and-true process that will ensure your pages are featured on the top search result pages for the business areas and keywords you want to be found by. To go a step further, Mark will empower you with the tools necessary to identify exactly what you’re doing that is successfully driving traffic to your site, and what isn’t. This will help you understand what areas to focus on and develop. It pays to have superior website SEO. You will notice marked lateral movement in your site visits within a few weeks.

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